Saturday, October 8, 2022

Light Pollution Does Not Respect County Boundaries

Hundreds of acres in Culpeper County have fallen to bulldozers to make way for hundreds of big unaffordable houses plus commercial development.  The latest incursion of suburban sprawl into the once rural northern Piedmont threatens Rappahannock's efforts to steward its night skies. Rappahannock’s dark sky protectors worry as development marches west | News |

Fairfax County to Improve Lighting Regs for Proposed DSP

 Fairfax County zoning staff are drafting a new ordinance to create a lighting overlay district for a county park that has been pursuing an Urban Dark Sky Park designation.  This article highlights community disputes over lighting requirements, but it leaves out a critical aspect of the "property rights" argument: the right of residents to not have light trespass and glare inflicted on them by neighbors.  Everyone has the right to light their own property--not someone else's.  The negative impact of neighbor's excessive outdoor lighting on quality of life is the number one reason Virginians contact our chapter.