Friday, October 30, 2015

NY DOT Ignores Best Practices for LED, Installs Glaring Streetlights

Brooklynites are pushing back at the city for giving their neighborhoods that prison-yard feel and intruding on their homes with the bright blue light of 4,000 Kelvin LED streetlights. For several years research and experience have been pointing toward prevention of the worst outcomes of misguided LED adoption.  A year ago IDA revised the Color Correlated Temperature standard for their Fixture Seal of Approval program to 3,200 Kelvin.  Former IDA executive director Bob Parks met with the NY DOT and Mayor's office to urge them to use lower CCT lights and smart controls, but they didn't heed his advice or best practices.  Read Lionel Shriver's recent OpEd piece urging the city to make it right.