Friday, September 4, 2009

State Ordinances

I have occasionally attempted to involve myself in the state level of fighting light pollution. IDA now has a DC office, to educate state lawmakers in this area which is a good thing. It has been suggested by the IDA home office that I stay at the local level, and leave the state level to the experts.

There are two concerns I have with recent new state ordinances, 1) that they are not enforceable, because they are watered down in order to allow for ease in passing, and 2) that if a clause is not included to say that a more stringent local ordinance supersedes the state ordinance, that the state will undermine the local effort.

I have read all the state lighting ordinances I can find. Later ordinances copy earlier ones, getting less strict as they evolve. I say an ordinance that is not enforceable or effective should not be passed into law. We as fighters against light pollution must believe enough in what we say, that a shielded light of any wattage is most effective for security, that we are willing to stand up for the idea, rather than appeasing the opposition just so that the ordinance will pass.